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Massachusetts Tattoo Convention Seminar

I am so excited to be teaching a seminar at the upcoming Massachusetts Tattoo Convention! I will be teaching a seminar called “Photoshop Techniques for Tattoo Artists” on Monday, Sept 5th at 1pm.  I will be walking attendees through 2 complete tattoo design projects, demonstrating a number of different techniques including shortcuts that will save time and energy in tattoo design, how to improve and how to combine references, creating line drawings from your references, manipulating lettering, and more.

Attendees do not need laptops and drawing tablets, but they are recommended.  All attendees will receive both the video of the seminar and a screen capture of the original process of putting the designs together, along with all files used to create the designs.

Email me at artanddiscordstudios@gmail.com with seminar inquires and registration.  Cost is $150.

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Hard Decisions…


The last few weeks have been about making hard decisions.  Jae and I moved to Salem in the fall and it has been amazing living here… there is such a fantastic, supportive, creative community and we feel quite blessed to now be a part of it.  The flip side of this move is that our financial situation has changed a bit, and my business has suffered from the move.  After much thought and considering all my options, I’ve decided to go back into retail management.  April will most likely be my first month of working full time (not to count my chickens of course…)

Going back to work full time will definitely change how much time I can devote to my photography.  While I will still be taking select commissions for painterly portraits, model development sessions and head shots, I will probably have time for only a few sessions a month.  I will be focusing most of my creative energy on my conceptual Archetype Project and will be devoting the majority of my time to continue to develop this work.

I have a few amazing projects in the works, with some fantastic models, designers, hair stylists and makeup artists and I can’t wait to share in the coming months.  Thanks to everyone for your continuing support!!

I’m going to finish off this post with one of my favorite shots from a portrait session I did recently with Christopher Allen, from Manners Supply Co.


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Happy International Women’s Day!

      Today is International Women’s Day, which intends to bring awareness to the oppression and inequality of women globally.  Personally, I think it is insane that in a world which is so advanced in so many ways, that antiquated belief systems which support the idea that any human being is lesser than any other still exist.

      As women especially,  it is important that we support each other, and help lift each other up.  It is always my greatest joy to create images which show the immense variety of beauty that exists in the universe, and some of my favorite sessions are portraits that reveals both inner and outer beauty for a woman to see in herself.  Celebrate and share yourself, your inner and outer beauty, for all the world to see.

You are amazing and you deserve for everyone to see it.


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Spring is in the Air

So, 2015 is going to be the year that I actually stay on top of posting here… I am terrible at writing regularly, probably because I spent 8 years in high school and college writing and was pretty over it by the time I was done.  But, seeing as that was 15 years ago (holy hell… I can’t believe its been so long!) I figure its time for me to get back into it.

Last year was a pretty rough year and when it ended I was pretty excited to see it go.  When it started, I was very excited to pursue my new fine art concepts for The Female Archetype Project and to do a bit of traveling.  I was disappointed with the outcome on both of those fronts.  Other than the trip I made with my husband to Portland, OR last February, we pretty much didn’t leave MA, and my lofty goal to shoot 20 or more concepts for the Female Archetype Project fell quite short as I only produced about a half dozen images.  We moved to Salem, MA in October, and it was probably the best move we could have made from a creative and general-life-happiness perspective.  This winter has been rough though, as it has been for most New Englanders… but it hit me unexpectedly hard because it was more difficult to see friends and family since they live much farther away now and also because I wasn’t running my husband’s business anymore, I was also not leaving the house, and wasn’t really interacting with many other human beings.  That was pretty much a recipe for disaster with my creative process.

So, here we are, close to the end of the winter and I’ve started to meet some local folks and my brain is starting to right itself.  I have decided to expand the Archetype Project to explore more than just female mythology, so it will now include male characters as well.  I have been renewing my obsession with comparative religions/mythologies and I am fascinated by how many stories repeat from culture to culture, even amongst groups that have no obvious connections geographically or historically.  I am excited to start the expansion as soon as the snow melts and I’m in the midst of the insane amount of planning it will take to pull a very epic shoot together to explore a ubiquitous character and the many tales that he is featured in.

To wrap this up, I am hoping to blog a few times a week, so keep your eye peeled for more posts.  I am planning to release some behind-the-scenes videos, photoshop tutorials, and the many tales that will come with the photoshoots that are on the books already in the coming months.  And to tide you over until the next post, I’ll leave you all with a few shots from a recent day of fun I had with a local model, Charlie Vagabond, and a photographer/model/adventurer Grace, from Fading Grace Photography.  We had a great day of playing dress up and created some fun images that I am quite in love with.  Enjoy!




TWallDuggan_Charlie-5\ TWallDuggan_Charlie-6










MUA: Crissy Zarbano

Charlie’s corset: Jane’s Corsets

Charlie’s Vest: Redfield Design

Feather Mohawk and Distressed Armband: Discord Industries

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Upcoming Events: Framed Network, Boston Tattoo Convention and Ladies Night Out

There has been so much going on this past month, I have been away from the blog for a bit, but I have so much to share over the next few weeks! First, I have a few upcoming events coming up in the next couple of weeks to let you all know about!

I am really excited to announce that August 27th, the Framed Network will finally be releasing the Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience show that features the incredible adventure I had with five other amazing photographers in the Hamptons this past Spring.  Our two day adventure was spent in a gorgeous mansion at Water Mill, filled with surreally beautiful decor.  Our gorgeous models Annabelle Lyttle, Maleen Rike Johannsen and Ploymanee S. were styled by the incredibly talented Leonid Gurevich, with hair by Numi Empire and Kisha Marie, and makeup by Chifumi Nambashi and Nadine Vendryes. It was such an inspiring two days and I can’t wait to see what the show looks like!  Here is a trailer to keep you entertained until then!


Next weekend I will be at the Boston Tattoo Convention at the Hynes Convention Center. The Convention opens Friday August 30th in the evening at 4pm and will be open 12pm to 12am Saturday and Sunday, then 12pm to 9pm on Monday… its going to be a long crazy weekend, and I’m going to be selling Fine Art Prints, Headpieces and other Discord Industries accessories, while my husband Jae tattoos at the Always and Forever Tattoo booth! If you’re at the convention, make sure to stop by the booth! I’ll also be wandering around taking some event photos and I’ve got some appointments available for mini-sessions during the day and evening Saturday and Sunday-  Get in touch this week if you are interested in booking one of those sessions!

BTC Promo


Also, on Thursday September 5th, I’ll be the special guest vendor at Pour Richard’s Wine & Spirits monthly Ladies Night Out event. I will have more fine art prints for sale and will have some other pieces of work on display, including some of my latest experiments in photography, creating Vintage style Ferrotypes and Tintypes! I will be there with makeup artist Lyndsay Simon, discussing the portrait session process and how professional hair and makeup add to the experience! Stop by for some wine tasting, appetizers and fantastic conversation!

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Preparing for your Portrait Session


Here are just a few simple things that will help you get ready for your Glamour or Fashion-Styled Portrait Session with Art and Discord Studios: 

Skin: Proper skin preparation is incredibly important for an image!  If you would like to get a facial prior to your session, try to schedule it a week beforehand, in case you have residual redness.  Also, make sure the few weeks before your session, you wear sunscreen if you are going out into the sun!  Sunburned skin looks dry and leathery, and is generally not how you want to remember yourself!  If you have tan lines, you might want to use a self-tanner to even out the tones… it doesn’t need to be perfect, but the less drastic the difference, the better it will look.

Drink plenty of water the 24 hours before your session, and stay away from excessive alcohol consumption as it tends to dry out the skin and emphasize lines and dark circles.  Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and prior to bed use a gentle exfoliant to give your skin a fresh glow.

That day, come with clean, well-moisturized skin.  Lastly, make sure the clothing you wear to the session is loose fitting and does not have tight elastic so it will not leave marks on your skin.  Be aware of undergarments, socks, pant and skirt waistbands as all these items can leave indents if they are too tight fitting.

Hair: Wear your hair as you would normally wear it.  Be aware that if you are planning any drastic changes to your hair style, you should give yourself a few weeks before your session to get used to it.  If you need a trim or your roots touched up, do it about one week before your session.  Come to your session with clean, dry hair and we’ll take care of the rest.

Nails: Feel free to get a mani/pedi before your session, but make sure you don’t come to your session with chipped polish… if you’re not a mani/pedi kind of gal, then clean, shaped, unpolished nails will do just fine.

Glasses: If you wear glasses regularly, you may prefer to wear them during your portrait session as well.  Be aware that they can create some difficulties due to the reflective nature of glass.  They tend to cause distortion when looking at the eyes, or reflections which cover the eye.  If you choose to wear glasses for your session, it might be a good idea to see if you can borrow empty frames from your optician that are the same as your  own glasses– so you’ll feel and look like you, but we won’t have all of the issues that come with putting glass in front of your beautiful eyes.

Wardrobe:  Bring lots of clothing options. I generally recommend at least 5 outfits.  They can be any assortment of casual, formal etc. Dress in colors you feel you look best in and that represent your style. White clothing is excellent for soft portraits, and darker colors are fantastic for adding drama.  Bringing layers is always a good so you  have more options, since we can remove layers and create even more outfit combinations.   Avoid striped tops as they tend to not photograph well,  and realistically its not a bad idea to avoid strong patterns in general, since they have a tendency to overpower the eye and are not as flattering in most images.  Make sure your wardrobe fits well and is comfortable.  Coordinate your outfits from head to toe, hats, belts, scarves, jewelry.

Shoes: Bring a few different styles of shoes, and make sure you have a couple that are basic and will never go out of style.  Bringing at least a nice dark heel and a white heel will cover all the bases, but feel free to bring some fun options as well.  Of course, we can always work with bare feet!

Props: I encourage you to bring any props that inspire you.  Bring items that represent who you are and the things you are passionate about.  Bring anything that helps you to tell your story.  A few examples would be: your favorite flowers, jewelry which was handed down from your grandmother, musical instruments, tools of your occupation.. the sky is the limit!  I will have a small assortment of props for us to use, but ones that have special meaning to you will often read better in the final images.

Music:  The right soundtrack can make a huge difference in your mood and your ability to let go and have fun.  Please feel free to bring your digital player or cds so we have can set the perfect atmosphere for your session!


When you feel prepared for your Portrait Session, you will find yourself so much more relaxed and excited for the day!   The entire experience is all about you feeling beautiful and pampered, so if you aren’t worried about whether or not you remembered everything, you’ll be much more able to focus on enjoying the day!  If you have any questions or concerns about what to bring, you can certainly feel free to contact me anytime for advice– even sending me photos of outfits you’re thinking of bringing!  I love to see what direction clients are heading with their session wardrobe so I can brainstorm a few unique options for sets and concepts that we can throw in the mix!

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Model Portfolio: Evan

Evan is a new model who used to be one of my employees at Hot Topic– he was always interested in getting into modeling but wasn’t quite sure where to start.  We had a couple of mini-shoots at work, to show off some new merch on the store’s facebook page, but we never really got a chance to get together and do a full-on shoot with good lighting and a few wardrobe changes. A few weeks ago I set up a model portfolio building event and asked him to come so we could finally get him some great shots to start his modeling portfolio.  Evan has really unique features and some incredible hair (or incredibly unruly, depending on the day) and he has such a great personality! I hope that this will be the beginning of a prolific modeling career for him!  Here is a selection of shots from our shoot that day!  Enjoy!

Evan Headshot- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Denim Vest- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Denim Vest- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan


Evan in a Suit- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Suit- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Tank- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

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Birthday Adventures to the Quabbin Reservoir

Yesterday was the probably one of most amazing days I’ve had in a while!  My husband and I were able to spend the entire day together, revisiting a number of places that we haven’t had a chance to go in many years.  We started off our adventure driving back roads to Worcester, to drive by our old apartment and around the neighborhoods we used to wander around back when we first met.  We continued on our journey through the woods up Rt 122, enjoying the beautiful foliage and wonderfully warm afternoon.  Our main goal of the day was to drive around the Quabbin Reservoir, which I don’t think we’ve been to in about a decade!  It is a gorgeous place to visit and the leaves are turning beautiful shades at this point in the year!  We spent most of the afternoon there, driving around to the various viewing areas and taking photos– its been a few years since I’ve been interested in landscape photography and it was a fantastic place to find inspiration.  Finally, we ended our day in Northampton, grabbing dinner at the amazing Northampton Brewery, hunted for books at the Raven Used Books Store (Jae found a nice pile of old occult books), and finally wandering around Faces, a fun store that has cool clothes and nifty kitchy things.  All in all, a most fantastic way to spend my 35th birthday.

Here are a few of the landscapes that came out of our journey

The view from Hanks Meadow:
20121014QuabbinReservoir _032_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _038_39_40_fused_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _047_8_9_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _077_8_9_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _103_web


The view from Windsor Dam:

20121014QuabbinReservoir _293_4_5_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _255_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _247_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _234_web


A few other shots from the day:

20121014QuabbinReservoir _126_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _141_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _151_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _164_web

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