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Spring is in the Air

So, 2015 is going to be the year that I actually stay on top of posting here… I am terrible at writing regularly, probably because I spent 8 years in high school and college writing and was pretty over it by the time I was done.  But, seeing as that was 15 years ago (holy hell… I can’t believe its been so long!) I figure its time for me to get back into it.

Last year was a pretty rough year and when it ended I was pretty excited to see it go.  When it started, I was very excited to pursue my new fine art concepts for The Female Archetype Project and to do a bit of traveling.  I was disappointed with the outcome on both of those fronts.  Other than the trip I made with my husband to Portland, OR last February, we pretty much didn’t leave MA, and my lofty goal to shoot 20 or more concepts for the Female Archetype Project fell quite short as I only produced about a half dozen images.  We moved to Salem, MA in October, and it was probably the best move we could have made from a creative and general-life-happiness perspective.  This winter has been rough though, as it has been for most New Englanders… but it hit me unexpectedly hard because it was more difficult to see friends and family since they live much farther away now and also because I wasn’t running my husband’s business anymore, I was also not leaving the house, and wasn’t really interacting with many other human beings.  That was pretty much a recipe for disaster with my creative process.

So, here we are, close to the end of the winter and I’ve started to meet some local folks and my brain is starting to right itself.  I have decided to expand the Archetype Project to explore more than just female mythology, so it will now include male characters as well.  I have been renewing my obsession with comparative religions/mythologies and I am fascinated by how many stories repeat from culture to culture, even amongst groups that have no obvious connections geographically or historically.  I am excited to start the expansion as soon as the snow melts and I’m in the midst of the insane amount of planning it will take to pull a very epic shoot together to explore a ubiquitous character and the many tales that he is featured in.

To wrap this up, I am hoping to blog a few times a week, so keep your eye peeled for more posts.  I am planning to release some behind-the-scenes videos, photoshop tutorials, and the many tales that will come with the photoshoots that are on the books already in the coming months.  And to tide you over until the next post, I’ll leave you all with a few shots from a recent day of fun I had with a local model, Charlie Vagabond, and a photographer/model/adventurer Grace, from Fading Grace Photography.  We had a great day of playing dress up and created some fun images that I am quite in love with.  Enjoy!




TWallDuggan_Charlie-5\ TWallDuggan_Charlie-6










MUA: Crissy Zarbano

Charlie’s corset: Jane’s Corsets

Charlie’s Vest: Redfield Design

Feather Mohawk and Distressed Armband: Discord Industries

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How is your LinkedIn profile photo affecting your career or business? or, Why professional headshots matter!


When was the last time you updated your headshot? Does your LinkedIn profile have a blurry, awkwardly cropped iPhone photo of you instead of a clean, professional headshot? Did you know this could be hurting your business or career and limiting your network?

In an age in which we often are introduced to new people via the Internet, their profile photo is the generally the only visual cue we have to figure out what kind of a person they are.  On business related profiles, such as LinkedIn, where our personalities often don’t come out in the text we write, how do we communicate something about ourselves that encourages people to connect and get to know us better? It is our profile image that will make the quickest and most direct impact, and will encourage a new viewer want to learn more about you.  In fact, TheLadders did a study tracking the eye movements of recruiters on LinkedIn while they looked at profiles and resumes.  What they discovered was that the recruiters spent 19 percent of their time looking at the profile photo, compared to an only cursory glance at the candidate’s actual resume.  That is a pretty astonishing piece of data!

So, with that in mind, look at your current profile photo.  Does it say at a glance who you are and what kind of a person the viewer should expect to encounter? Is it a weirdly cropped photo that contains the shoulder of your best friend from a fun night out? What does that kind of a photo say about you? Is it a vacation photo? A crooked, poorly lit selfie? Do those images speak to how amazing you are at your job and how dedicated you are to your work? These are some serious considerations to make if they are influencing your professional life.  Would a potential client or employer give you a second glance with the photo you currently have?

If the answer to those questions is no, it’s time to think about having a professional headshot taken!  Now, I know that getting in front of a camera can be a stressful situation for a lot of people (heck, that’s why I’m behind the camera, not in front of it!), but some of the stress can be alleviated by walking into the situation prepared.  Think about what you want to convey about yourself: Do you want to appear approachable and confident? Funny? Serious? What is your message? Depending on the business you are in or the job you’re looking for, it might be a much different picture.

Generally speaking, you want to wear clothes that are appropriate to your industry.  If you work in an office that requires you to wear a suit every day, then you’ll want to put on your best suit for the photo.  If you work in an environment that is more business casual, you should try to wear the same kind of clothes you would normally wear to work (although, if you’re trying to move up the ladder, so to speak, you might want to consider dressing the part, whatever that might be).  I always recommend wearing wardrobe that makes you feel good, fits really well, and shows off a bit of your personality.  This should help alleviate some of your stress, because you’ll already know that you look amazing and it will give you some confidence walking into your headshot session.

For women, make sure your hair and makeup is both work appropriate and flattering.  You want to keep it natural so people can see who you truly are, and you want the photo to remain relevant regardless of current trends.  Consider hiring a makeup artist to make it perfect and to give your self a bit of pampering before your session for some additional relaxation.  For men, grooming is important as well.  Is your hair styled appropriately? Is your facial hair groomed or if you’re clean-shaven, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have that 5 o’clock shadow going on.

My final piece of advice is RELAX!! Stop over thinking it… Once you take a deep breath and shake out all the tension, you will naturally be able to share a bit of your personality!   Leave the rest of the image-making to the professionals, and just try to be yourself in front of the camera!

Start the year off right by having your professional portrait made and watch the impact it can have on your career or business!

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Upcoming Events: Framed Network, Boston Tattoo Convention and Ladies Night Out

There has been so much going on this past month, I have been away from the blog for a bit, but I have so much to share over the next few weeks! First, I have a few upcoming events coming up in the next couple of weeks to let you all know about!

I am really excited to announce that August 27th, the Framed Network will finally be releasing the Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience show that features the incredible adventure I had with five other amazing photographers in the Hamptons this past Spring.  Our two day adventure was spent in a gorgeous mansion at Water Mill, filled with surreally beautiful decor.  Our gorgeous models Annabelle Lyttle, Maleen Rike Johannsen and Ploymanee S. were styled by the incredibly talented Leonid Gurevich, with hair by Numi Empire and Kisha Marie, and makeup by Chifumi Nambashi and Nadine Vendryes. It was such an inspiring two days and I can’t wait to see what the show looks like!  Here is a trailer to keep you entertained until then!


Next weekend I will be at the Boston Tattoo Convention at the Hynes Convention Center. The Convention opens Friday August 30th in the evening at 4pm and will be open 12pm to 12am Saturday and Sunday, then 12pm to 9pm on Monday… its going to be a long crazy weekend, and I’m going to be selling Fine Art Prints, Headpieces and other Discord Industries accessories, while my husband Jae tattoos at the Always and Forever Tattoo booth! If you’re at the convention, make sure to stop by the booth! I’ll also be wandering around taking some event photos and I’ve got some appointments available for mini-sessions during the day and evening Saturday and Sunday-  Get in touch this week if you are interested in booking one of those sessions!

BTC Promo


Also, on Thursday September 5th, I’ll be the special guest vendor at Pour Richard’s Wine & Spirits monthly Ladies Night Out event. I will have more fine art prints for sale and will have some other pieces of work on display, including some of my latest experiments in photography, creating Vintage style Ferrotypes and Tintypes! I will be there with makeup artist Lyndsay Simon, discussing the portrait session process and how professional hair and makeup add to the experience! Stop by for some wine tasting, appetizers and fantastic conversation!

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The MFA Boston and Inspiration

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with my husband, Jae.  We’ve been meaning to hit the museum to see Michelangelo’s drawings, but kept forgetting to work it into our schedule.  Luckily last week we realized that we had absolutely no plans for this weekend, other than to get caught up on some house work and business planning.  So we checked the MFA website to see what exhibits were going on and realized that Sunday was going to be the last day of the Michelangelo exhibit, so we knew we were going to be there to check it out when the doors opened at 10am!

The exhibit was in a tiny gallery, and with only two dozen or so drawings… it was fascinating to contemplate the rarity of paper in that time period, as many of the sheets displayed served many purposes, with sketches from a number of projects on one scrap, sketches over other sketches of his students work, and a “large” drawing only being around 11×14… which is about the size I vaguely remember working on for my art classes in high school, but in his time it was a piece of paper that had to be joined from multiple other pieces.  The color of the red chalk was intriguing, as we are so used to sketches being done with graphite, and the age of the paper…  the fact that it lasted so many hundreds of years and was still legible was mildly mind blowing, especially because these were essentially scraps of paper containing many ideas that never came to fruition or were simple studies for other works of art.

When we were done viewing the Michelangelo exhibit we decided we’d check out the Samurai exhibition downstairs… and I did not expect to be as blown away and inspired by it as I was.  I have been mildly fascinated with ancient Japanese culture since college, but my interest has always related to their tattooing tradition.  I’ve never really taken the time to appreciate the other arts found in Japanese culture.   I was so inspired by the intricacy of the details on the helmets, the beautiful patterns found in the armour, and the overall aesthetic of a fully dressed samurai warrior.  I found myself taking photograph after photograph of the details, the whole piece, the shadows displaying the intricate patterns in the arrows or the chain-mail.  It gave me so many ideas for props and set design, for lighting techniques and stories I can tell in my conceptual work.  It was an unexpectedly fantastic experience and I can’t wait to start using my inspiration to create more beautiful pieces, both in my photography and in my accessory designs.


I definitely recommend that anyone who gets a chance to visit the MFA this summer should definitely check it out.  Here are just a few of the images I captured while I was there!






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I really need to shoot fashion with more guys.  Evan is one of my associates at work, and we decided to go up on the roof of the garage to shoot some images of new merch we just got in for fall… we are getting some really awesome fashion and wanted to show it off on the store’s facebook page.  Here are some of my favorites– not  bad for a quick shoot with just my D80- I’m really enjoying working with just natural light this summer.   I also had my Holga and Argus 75 film cameras with me– I’ll be getting the film developed this week and hopefully sharing more shots soon!

20120819Evan_HT _021-Edit

20120819Evan_HT _035-Edit

20120819Evan_HT _066-Edit-Edit-2-Edit

20120819Evan_HT _073-Edit-Edit


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