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Why you shouldn’t count chickens…

It has been a crazy past few weeks since my last post, and I am glad to finally be sharing a bit of it with you.

So, firstly, it does appear that I was perhaps counting my chickens a bit early in my last post as the job that I thought that I was mostly guaranteed, did end up falling through. I am sad that I will not be joining a company that I respect, but I am also trying to see it as a positive opportunity to reassess what I’m doing.  Though I am still looking for a full-time position to help pay my bills, I feel that I need to reassess my art business and how I can make more of a living through my creative endeavors.  I am so grateful for all of the people that support me and my art and my heart sings with joy every time a comment is left on an image on social media or I get a message from someone that I’ve never met saying how much they love my work and look forward to seeing it online.

I have thought many times about starting a Kickstarter campaign or doing something similar on one of those crowdfunding type sites and I’ve always hesitated because it focuses too much on just accomplishing a single goal. However my work is continual and the projects that I’m working on intertwine in so many ways but can also be quite separate that I think it would be very hard to set a useful or understandable goal.

It was brought to my attention that there is a new platform which has recently started and which has some pretty amazing artists already using great effect, including musician and writer Amanda Palmer who had also successfully used Kickstarter to produce an album when she left her record label.  I was intrigued because it has a very different, but perhaps more traditional mindset in supporting the arts.

The platform is called Patreon and the principle is that artists generally tend to produce continually and often are hindered by finances from producing as much as they would like. Traditional patrons of artists and musicians would offer them a monthly stipend in order to have access to the artist in ways that others would not. They would benefit from the artists work either directly or by association and the artist would produce work for them and also be able to create the works that they themselves were passionate about.  Patreon takes this concept and modernizes it. Patrons can donate per creation or monthly amounts as low as one dollar and will have access to the artist in different ways, from the viewing of exclusive content, gifts of prints or postcards, video content, behind the scenes, tutorials, and so much more, with each artist creating their own set of rewards and offering different types of access based on the amount of financial support.

So, after doing my own research, I’ve decided to give this idea a shot. My social media content and all the images I create will still be available to see for free. However, because I know a lot of people that enjoy seeing my work can’t necessarily afford to buy it and can’t necessarily afford to hire me to create work for them, I want to offer a different way for people who enjoy my work and feel that it adds something to their own lives, their own way to be a part of how I create and offer them a way to help me create more.

I’ve been in the middle of this Archetype Project for the last year, and I thought when I began it last January that I would be much further along by now. My end goal is to create a book with at least 25 images and hopefully to be able to coordinate a gallery show of all of the images. The main problem that I have run into, however, was that I wasn’t getting enough paying clients or prints sales to buy supplies for all the wardrobe, sets and props I make. I couldn’t afford the insurance that would give me access to locations that require it, and I couldn’t afford to rent lighting and lenses that would take the work to the next level.  It has slowed down the process which has been incredibly frustrating;  I have concepts swirling in my mind and no way to bring them to life to the degree that they deserve.

Beyond the Archetype Project I am obsessed with creating images in the old methods, such as by using Wet Plate techniques to create tintypes and ambrotypes; I love my Polaroid and Holga and the images that film produces which require so little post-production; and I am starting to explore the realm of video to add another element to my creative madness.  All of these areas of my work would be able to expand as well.

So, what it comes down to, is that while I don’t need the best equipment, wardrobe, sets, locations, etc, even the wardrobe I rent, or thrift or create takes money, sets and props can be made inexpensively and items reused for different purposes again and again, but the base elements still cost.  I estimated that each Archetype image I create has cost me between $200 and $500, between all of these elements, and its not sustainable, which makes me fear for the future of the project and my work.  This is where Patreon and my patrons will come in.  By donating monthly, even just a dollar, it will help me to bring all of the parts of these images together so I can bring the idea to fruition.  The money will help me to pay for business costs, and studio rental, supplies and wardrobe, and, if there is enough, I will be able to pay the wonderful people that donate their time to help me bring these images to life, which would be the most wonderful thing I can imagine.

So, if you dig my work, if it brings any hint of enjoyment to your life, if you look forward to seeing new images pop up in your social media feed, then please consider a small donation through Patreon.  If all the people that love my work donated a dollar each month, I would be able to produce and share so much more!

That being said, of course, I will have some more time for commissions, so if that is something you are interested in, please email artanddiscordstudios (at) gmail.com

And to conclude, here is a fun spring-inspired beauty image I shot last month with the always amazing Lyndsay Simon from Makeup by Lyndsay, Nathan Prescott who can be found at Trephin Salon in Boston, and beautiful Salina Jade, who is represented by Maggie, Inc.


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Happy International Women’s Day!

      Today is International Women’s Day, which intends to bring awareness to the oppression and inequality of women globally.  Personally, I think it is insane that in a world which is so advanced in so many ways, that antiquated belief systems which support the idea that any human being is lesser than any other still exist.

      As women especially,  it is important that we support each other, and help lift each other up.  It is always my greatest joy to create images which show the immense variety of beauty that exists in the universe, and some of my favorite sessions are portraits that reveals both inner and outer beauty for a woman to see in herself.  Celebrate and share yourself, your inner and outer beauty, for all the world to see.

You are amazing and you deserve for everyone to see it.


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Beauty with Heather Schofield

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of working with Makeup Artist Heather Schofield of HS-Artistry at The SOPHA in Manchester, NH.  We brought in two models neither of us had worked with before and had a blast creating some fun beauty shots!  Lavanyai and Kira were great sports and I am excited to share my favorite shots from the day with both of them!









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Beauty Test with Erika and Makeup by Lyndsay

Erika is a gorgeous girl who came to our rescue last minute, when the model that Lyndsay, from Makeup by Lyndsay and I had planned to work with last week was terribly ill, and we had to track down a model an hour before our shoot.  Erika had never been in front of the camera before, but she did an amazing job and we had a ridiculously awesome day!  We started off by experimenting with a bit of a grungy rock and roll inspired look, which we transitioned into a bohemian/warrior style because we were having so much fun… it gave me a chance to finally pull out one of the vintage slips I found at Brimfield this summer and I was also able to incorporate the Fire Dragon Mohawk I created a few months ago.  For our second makeup look, Lyndsay created a fun glamour inspired look, and I got to pull out a cute pink dress I picked up a couple of years ago-  all in all, we had a blast and I was able to not only create some amazing beauty headshots, but we got to play a bit with fashion and fine art images as well.  Here are some of my favorites for the day!










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Gold Leaf Makeup with Isabella and Lyndsay

Last Tuesday I had a chance to work with model Isabella Capri and makeup artist Lyndsay Simon once again.  While we started the day not really knowing what direction we were headed in, after a bit of brainstorming, we decided to start with a basic concept of doing something “Metallic.”  Now, I have a habit of collecting random things (some might say “hoard,” but I believe that eventually I will find uses for all of my treasures) and so I gathered up all the random metallic items that might be included in a makeup and hair look with that theme… included in the assortment was gold ribbons in a number of styles, vials of gold microbeads in different metallic finishes, glycerin with gold and bronze pigment to create liquid metal, and gold leaf that I’ve had laying around for the last year or so.

Lyndsay ended up deciding that gold leaf was the most interesting option we had, and mixing this with a few different metallic pigments, including a beautiful rose/gold metallic powder, she began creating what would be an absolutely amazing look!  She even got crafty and decorated a pair of lashes with the gold leaf to complete the look!  For wardrobe, I had a gold pleated dress I had picked up from H&M last year which has been laying around waiting for the perfect look to be paired with and we decided that it would be the perfect compliment to the makeup Lyndsay was doing.

I was so excited about the session that I couldn’t wait to get started editing, and had my first image completed the by the following day!


After a busy week, I finally had time to complete the rest of the editing from the session and I am excited to share the results today!

Isabella has such a beautiful profile… I’m obsessed!!  This really showcased the beautiful gold leaf work that Lyndsay did, as well.


Gold leaf has such an amazing texture… it is one of my favorite things about it! Because of this, I love to add it to my encaustics and my headpieces/accessories whenever I get a chance!


I am in love with this image, partly because it took us so many takes to get it right!!  I generally have a hard time with asymmetry (thanks to the left brained voice in my creative process), but I really enjoyed the challenge of finding the balance in the look and this captures it so well.


Finally, one for the wardrobe… Isabella kept reminding me of an Egyptian queen or priestess with her lounge-y poses and this dress… I felt that this captured the elegance and feeling of power perfectly!


Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!  Hope you enjoyed viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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Beauty with Isabella Capri and Lyndsay Simon

This past week I was able to get together with two talented ladies that I had never worked with before.  For this Test shoot, we decided that some straight up beauty head-shots would be most beneficial for everyone’s portfolio and with a rough idea of at least starting the day with a look that was somewhat ethereal, we dug in and got started!  Isabella is a young, up and coming model who has absolutely gorgeous skin and beautiful features!  Lyndsay, from Makeup by Lyndsay, was brilliant with her makeup application, fantastic with collaborating on new ideas and is such a fun, positive girl to be around!  We had a blast all afternoon and was able to get 3 complete looks done, and truthfully, it was hard for me to choose what shots I wanted to edit because there were so many great images!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!
















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Raeah’s Fight

At the end of March, I was contacted by my friend Sarah Montani, who had a friend in need of a special portrait shoot. Her friend, Raeah has been battling brain tumors for the past 10 years and is about to undergo a radical double mastectomy and wanted to have a “before” shoot prior to this radical, life saving surgery. Here is her story in her own words:

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -RWE

The last 8 years of my life have been an unimaginable marathon. I am proud to say I am finally approaching the finish line (fingers crossed!). In 2006 I was diagnosed with my first of 3 pituitary brain tumors. After losing peripheral ranges in my vision gradually and ultimately losing it completely (during a migraine) were the tumors discovered. From then on it was clear that there were many mountains ahead and the road was long. To protect my privacy I wont go into details but it was hell on multiple fronts. I am glad to look back on it. I was Brain tumor free for 2 years where my days were full, happy & simply beautiful.

As of August 2012 I am no longer brain tumor free. Due to a continuous side affect of the tumor, I am currently under going a double radical mastectomy at the DFCI/BWH here in Boston.

I never could imagine the lessons id learn about the truth behind beauty. They are embedded forever. It truly is connection and happiness that we create through one an other. The memories, the laughter. That full feeling that keeps us keeping on. Experiences and how we learn from them is beautiful. That in its self allows us to a fuller spirit in the days a head. Breasts or no breasts- Id rather posses the ability to see beauty in the gifts around me.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our session.

Raeah  is Tuff Enough to Beat it Again

Raeah II

Raeah Flower

Raeah Scars

Makeup artist Erin Driscoll, of Killer Instinct Hair and Makeup did an amazing job on the makeup for this session!  Check out her work online to see some other beautiful looks that she has done!

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Olivia with Celsa of Variant Shades Makeup

Last monday I had the opportunity to Test with Olivia White and had an awesome afternoon… Celsa did a progression of makeup, starting with a fairly natural look, then a nice strong purple-y lip & finally adding some interesting abstract designs for fun!  It was a fantastic day, and I’ve got a few edits to share today!  I’m currently working on a composite image from the shoot, that I will hopefully have in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

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The Lovely Miss Lady Jinx

Here are a few of the shots I got from my last shoot with the lovely Jinx, right before she moved to Nashville… Makeup and Hair by Jayne Riot.  I was sad that she left, but I’m excited to go road-trippin’ to visit her and hang and shoot down in Tennessee at some point in 2013!

20120719Jinx_Jayne _062-Edit-Edit

20120719Jinx_Jayne _086-Edit-Edit-Edit

20120719Jinx_Jayne _169-Edit-Edit

20120719Jinx_Jayne _275-Edit-Edit

This was much different than what we usually shoot (which tends to be a bit more industrial, post-apocalyptic and grimey)- it was so much fun to shoot something so much softer!

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The Scorpion and the Fox- an editorial tale of trust and betrayal

The following is an editorial I put together for a submission in March… it didn’t make it into the magazine I was aiming for, and I have yet to find another magazine that it would fit… so I figured I’d share it now!  The concept is based on an old Fable that I have seen in many different versions… the animals I based the concept on was the Fox and the Scorpion, but the tale is also commonly known as The Scorpion and the Frog.  I spent a month creating the two wardrobe pieces; one was a russet feather collar for the “fox” and the other was a pleather and wire mesh headpiece in the form of a scorpion’s tail, which was definitely a trick to design and execute something that got the point across, but wasn’t completely cheesy and ridiculous looking.   Makeup artist, Celsa (formerly known as Jayne Riot) brainstormed some amazing ideas with the makeup, to keep it more conceptual and less caricature-ish, and we found two amazing models to pull of the looks: Erin Driscoll (aka Ramagious) and Alexandria Serafini.  They both nailed it, with the feel of each animal, the concept of the fable and their posing/interacting with each other…  here are some of the final images:








What an amazing day we had!  Can’t wait to work with these ladies again!

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