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Spring is in the Air

So, 2015 is going to be the year that I actually stay on top of posting here… I am terrible at writing regularly, probably because I spent 8 years in high school and college writing and was pretty over it by the time I was done.  But, seeing as that was 15 years ago (holy hell… I can’t believe its been so long!) I figure its time for me to get back into it.

Last year was a pretty rough year and when it ended I was pretty excited to see it go.  When it started, I was very excited to pursue my new fine art concepts for The Female Archetype Project and to do a bit of traveling.  I was disappointed with the outcome on both of those fronts.  Other than the trip I made with my husband to Portland, OR last February, we pretty much didn’t leave MA, and my lofty goal to shoot 20 or more concepts for the Female Archetype Project fell quite short as I only produced about a half dozen images.  We moved to Salem, MA in October, and it was probably the best move we could have made from a creative and general-life-happiness perspective.  This winter has been rough though, as it has been for most New Englanders… but it hit me unexpectedly hard because it was more difficult to see friends and family since they live much farther away now and also because I wasn’t running my husband’s business anymore, I was also not leaving the house, and wasn’t really interacting with many other human beings.  That was pretty much a recipe for disaster with my creative process.

So, here we are, close to the end of the winter and I’ve started to meet some local folks and my brain is starting to right itself.  I have decided to expand the Archetype Project to explore more than just female mythology, so it will now include male characters as well.  I have been renewing my obsession with comparative religions/mythologies and I am fascinated by how many stories repeat from culture to culture, even amongst groups that have no obvious connections geographically or historically.  I am excited to start the expansion as soon as the snow melts and I’m in the midst of the insane amount of planning it will take to pull a very epic shoot together to explore a ubiquitous character and the many tales that he is featured in.

To wrap this up, I am hoping to blog a few times a week, so keep your eye peeled for more posts.  I am planning to release some behind-the-scenes videos, photoshop tutorials, and the many tales that will come with the photoshoots that are on the books already in the coming months.  And to tide you over until the next post, I’ll leave you all with a few shots from a recent day of fun I had with a local model, Charlie Vagabond, and a photographer/model/adventurer Grace, from Fading Grace Photography.  We had a great day of playing dress up and created some fun images that I am quite in love with.  Enjoy!




TWallDuggan_Charlie-5\ TWallDuggan_Charlie-6










MUA: Crissy Zarbano

Charlie’s corset: Jane’s Corsets

Charlie’s Vest: Redfield Design

Feather Mohawk and Distressed Armband: Discord Industries

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Amanda’s Dark Art Portrait Session

A few days before Halloween, I had the pleasure and privilege to photograph a portrait session of a young mother and wife who wanted to treat herself to a session for her birthday.  She told me during our consultation that she loved creepy things, halloween and Rob Zombie…. my first thought was, “YES!!!”  My creative tendencies lie in the direction of dark imagery to begin with, and being able to create art like that for a woman who not only appreciates the art, but wants to be a part of the image is my dream!  We decided to work within a few different concepts, and created a broad variety of image styles.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session!









Hair and Make Up was created by Lyndsay Simon, of Makeup By Lyndsay, I created the outfit in the last two images, as well as the train on the black dress in the top two images.  The autumnal headpiece was created by me for my Discord Industries Etsy shop.

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Beauty Test with Erika and Makeup by Lyndsay

Erika is a gorgeous girl who came to our rescue last minute, when the model that Lyndsay, from Makeup by Lyndsay and I had planned to work with last week was terribly ill, and we had to track down a model an hour before our shoot.  Erika had never been in front of the camera before, but she did an amazing job and we had a ridiculously awesome day!  We started off by experimenting with a bit of a grungy rock and roll inspired look, which we transitioned into a bohemian/warrior style because we were having so much fun… it gave me a chance to finally pull out one of the vintage slips I found at Brimfield this summer and I was also able to incorporate the Fire Dragon Mohawk I created a few months ago.  For our second makeup look, Lyndsay created a fun glamour inspired look, and I got to pull out a cute pink dress I picked up a couple of years ago-  all in all, we had a blast and I was able to not only create some amazing beauty headshots, but we got to play a bit with fashion and fine art images as well.  Here are some of my favorites for the day!










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Miss Aniela’s Fashion Shoot Experience on the Framed Show

It has finally been released!!  I am so excited to announce that the Framed Show episode that I was a guest photographer at this past April has finally aired!!  It was such an amazing experience and The Framed Network did such a lovely job bringing it to life in their Framed Show episode.  And now I can finally release all of my images, which have been burning a hole in my hard drive since I finished editing them five months ago.  I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of the show and share the experience with so many other wonderful and creative photographers and especially to have had the chance to work with the incredibly inspiring Miss Aniela!


Here are some of my favorite images from the workshop…







And what an amazing team of people to work with!!  Here are the credits for everyone who was a part of making these beautiful images!

Model: Annabelle Lyttle (lavender dress)

Dress: Daniel Feld

Hat: Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier

Earring, bracelet, ring: Clara Kasavina

Shoes: Stylist’s own

Hair: Numi Empire

Makeup: Nadine Vendryes

Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega

Model: Ploymanee S. (white dress)

Dress: Leonid Gurevich

Leather harness and mask: Jade Chiu

Rings: Clara Kasavina

Shoes: Uta Bekaia

Hair: Numi Empire

Makeup: Nadine Vendryes

Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega

Model: Maleen Rike Johannsen (red dress)

Dress: Alex Teih

Hat: Raquel Livia

Earring, bracelet, necklace: Clara Kasavina

Shoes: Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi

Hair: Kisha Marie

Makeup: Chifumi Nambashi

Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega

Hosting photographer:  Natalie Dybisz/Miss Aniela

Event Director:  Matt Lennard


Project Manager:  Catherine Jolley


Catherine Jolley

Brent McCombs

Dirk Bergner

Ian Gavan


and of course thanks to Melissa Niu and the Framed Network for such a fantastic opportunity!!


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Creating a Classic Romantic Ballerina Tutu!

I’m always looking for new ways to add to the wardrobe I have available for clients to use during our portrait sessions and I’ve been pondering adding a series of tulle skirts to my selection to provide some more fun, romantic options for softer looks.  I finally decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to create a beautiful 6-layer Degas style classical ballerina tutu for my first attempt.  I found a fantastic Tutu tutorial on Youtube by Anjou Clothing (who happens to be from Maine- it’s awesome to see such beautiful work from a fellow New Englander) and I chose to make an attempt at creating something similar with some of the tulle I purchased online in February.

The first step in the process is to pleat all 6 layers (of 128″ long) of the tulle, so that it is a neater gather at the top of the skirt.  I spent a few hours a week or so ago hand pleating the tulle as she instructs in the first video (its a 2-parter), but hadn’t had the time to sit down and actually sew the 6 layers together.  Finally I had some time on Monday to make the attempt to put the whole thing together. I cut out a piece of fabric for the waist band (I used a random piece of blanket edging I had lying around from a box of gifted craft items), and started the process by beginning to sew the first layer of tulle… about 3/4 of the way through my bobbin thread snapped and I lost all my pleats… I was horrified and realized that I had too much tension on my thread… so after making some adjustments, I set aside layer one so I could revisit the pleating and started on layer two.


Layer two was going fine until I finished, I gave myself a few feet at the end of the stitch so I could adjust the gathers, but it wasn’t enough room, as the tulle had bunched up significantly more than I’d anticipated… I lost about 6 pleats, so after re-pleating and restarting the stitch, I managed to save the layer before I lost any more.  I was better prepared for layers three, four and five, and although I had some glitches, I was able to work them out with minimal hassle.  At this point I realized that in my haste last week, I neglected to pleat layer six… So, needless to say, I decided that creating a four layer tutu would not be a bad first attempt, and setting aside layers one and six, sat down to start attaching the tulle to the waist band.

Pinning the bunched up tulle was a bit tricker than I had anticipated, and adjusting the gathered pleats to be even, sit relatively flat and also be the correct length for the waist band was a bit more time-consuming than I had expected.  The first layer was easiest to add, since I didn’t have to worry about the other layers getting in the way, but beyond the pinning process, the sewing went much smoother this time around (I only had one tiny glitch where the tulle from an under layer was sewn into the waistband along with the layer I was currently sewing).

Tutu Phase 2

Tutu Phase 3

Tutu Phase 2-a

The final part of the process was adding the black satin ribbon waistband, which in retrospect, I should have pressed in half first before sewing it on, but was too distracted to get out the iron at the time.  The waistband ended up being a bit ripple-y, due to the softness of the layers of tulle and the fact that I didn’t iron the ribbon, but it is easily covered by wrapping the excess ribbon around the waist, so I’m not too worried about it.

Tutu Phase 3-a Tutu Phase 4

After about a total of 5 hours of work, I ended up with a lovely romantic black tulle tutu, that will be about mid-calf on anyone over 5’7″ and floor length on anyone shorter… it is a beautiful addition to my wardrobe and I can’t wait to get someone into it!

Tutu Complete

I hope to get a dress form soon, so I can take a better (not iPhone shot) picture to post in a gallery of wardrobe options… stay tuned for my next wardrobe additions which will include similar ones in pink and white, as well as versions for little girls (so we can do some ballerina and princess sessions in the next few months)!

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Preparing for your Portrait Session


Here are just a few simple things that will help you get ready for your Glamour or Fashion-Styled Portrait Session with Art and Discord Studios: 

Skin: Proper skin preparation is incredibly important for an image!  If you would like to get a facial prior to your session, try to schedule it a week beforehand, in case you have residual redness.  Also, make sure the few weeks before your session, you wear sunscreen if you are going out into the sun!  Sunburned skin looks dry and leathery, and is generally not how you want to remember yourself!  If you have tan lines, you might want to use a self-tanner to even out the tones… it doesn’t need to be perfect, but the less drastic the difference, the better it will look.

Drink plenty of water the 24 hours before your session, and stay away from excessive alcohol consumption as it tends to dry out the skin and emphasize lines and dark circles.  Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and prior to bed use a gentle exfoliant to give your skin a fresh glow.

That day, come with clean, well-moisturized skin.  Lastly, make sure the clothing you wear to the session is loose fitting and does not have tight elastic so it will not leave marks on your skin.  Be aware of undergarments, socks, pant and skirt waistbands as all these items can leave indents if they are too tight fitting.

Hair: Wear your hair as you would normally wear it.  Be aware that if you are planning any drastic changes to your hair style, you should give yourself a few weeks before your session to get used to it.  If you need a trim or your roots touched up, do it about one week before your session.  Come to your session with clean, dry hair and we’ll take care of the rest.

Nails: Feel free to get a mani/pedi before your session, but make sure you don’t come to your session with chipped polish… if you’re not a mani/pedi kind of gal, then clean, shaped, unpolished nails will do just fine.

Glasses: If you wear glasses regularly, you may prefer to wear them during your portrait session as well.  Be aware that they can create some difficulties due to the reflective nature of glass.  They tend to cause distortion when looking at the eyes, or reflections which cover the eye.  If you choose to wear glasses for your session, it might be a good idea to see if you can borrow empty frames from your optician that are the same as your  own glasses– so you’ll feel and look like you, but we won’t have all of the issues that come with putting glass in front of your beautiful eyes.

Wardrobe:  Bring lots of clothing options. I generally recommend at least 5 outfits.  They can be any assortment of casual, formal etc. Dress in colors you feel you look best in and that represent your style. White clothing is excellent for soft portraits, and darker colors are fantastic for adding drama.  Bringing layers is always a good so you  have more options, since we can remove layers and create even more outfit combinations.   Avoid striped tops as they tend to not photograph well,  and realistically its not a bad idea to avoid strong patterns in general, since they have a tendency to overpower the eye and are not as flattering in most images.  Make sure your wardrobe fits well and is comfortable.  Coordinate your outfits from head to toe, hats, belts, scarves, jewelry.

Shoes: Bring a few different styles of shoes, and make sure you have a couple that are basic and will never go out of style.  Bringing at least a nice dark heel and a white heel will cover all the bases, but feel free to bring some fun options as well.  Of course, we can always work with bare feet!

Props: I encourage you to bring any props that inspire you.  Bring items that represent who you are and the things you are passionate about.  Bring anything that helps you to tell your story.  A few examples would be: your favorite flowers, jewelry which was handed down from your grandmother, musical instruments, tools of your occupation.. the sky is the limit!  I will have a small assortment of props for us to use, but ones that have special meaning to you will often read better in the final images.

Music:  The right soundtrack can make a huge difference in your mood and your ability to let go and have fun.  Please feel free to bring your digital player or cds so we have can set the perfect atmosphere for your session!


When you feel prepared for your Portrait Session, you will find yourself so much more relaxed and excited for the day!   The entire experience is all about you feeling beautiful and pampered, so if you aren’t worried about whether or not you remembered everything, you’ll be much more able to focus on enjoying the day!  If you have any questions or concerns about what to bring, you can certainly feel free to contact me anytime for advice– even sending me photos of outfits you’re thinking of bringing!  I love to see what direction clients are heading with their session wardrobe so I can brainstorm a few unique options for sets and concepts that we can throw in the mix!

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Portraits and Fashion with Jesse.

I had an opportunity to shoot with the always fantastic and fun Jesse Colton again last month and it was once again an amazing day. Celsa Cutillo of Variant Shades Makeup worked her magic with hair and makeup.  I submitted a handful of the images to the new Boston-based VEIN Magazine and two of the images made it into their first Issue, due out April 2013.  I am so excited to be a part of it!

Here are a few of the images that we created that day (that aren’t going to be in VEIN)



Jesse_Jayne-3Jesse_Jayne-9 Jesse_Jayne-10 Jesse_Jayne-11



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“Warriors” Editorial finally released!

This past summer I endeavored to plan one of the largest photo shoots I had ever conceived of putting together.  The idea started with the creation of a feather mohawk and evolved to the point that after several months of creating feather mohawks and headpieces (now for sale in my Etsy shop: Discord Industries) I had inspired a number of characters and at this point, I had to start planning to shoot the editorial, if only to get it out of my head!

I am always obsessed with the idea of what people would do in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event, and started with the basic idea that I wanted to create a group of young women striking out across a desert to reach a safe haven.  I wanted a diverse cast of characters and wanted the wardrobe to really depict each girl’s part in the group.  I began by contacting a few designers whose work I had seen on Etsy and asked them if they would be willing to loan pieces for the shoot… I had a couple actually respond back and generously let me use a few items for the concept.

The owner of Savage Salvage loaned me three absolutely perfect pieces of her jewelry.  She creates amazing pieces from recycled, repurposed pieces she has scavenged from many different sources… she has a lovely bohemian, tribal aesthetic and I would definitely recommend you check out her etsy shop to see her brilliant, eco-friendly and affordable designs.  She provided us with a porcupine quill bib necklace with  matching earrings as well as a beautiful brass slave bracelet.

The other designer who responded was Anna, from Madhu Designs.  She sells lovely leather and crochet pieces as well as some handmade tops from India.  When I contacted her, it was because the aesthetic of a number of her designs was EXACTLY what I was thinking we needed for shoot wardrobe… once I started talking to her, however, I realized how much more amazing she was than just a creator of beautiful clothing.  She is actually a documentary film maker who spent a number of years in India, traveling around, creating a film about the orphaned children of India who live in the train stations.  She sells these clothing pieces to support a man she met in India named Lucky who is a former street kid who currently is devoted to becoming a film-maker himself so he can share the story of the street kids who live on the train platforms all across India and Nepal.  It is such an amazing story and Anna is so devoted to sharing with the world the plight of these children, that I was even more excited to have her work as a fundamental part of the shoot.  The website for the documentary is: LUCKY EXPRESS: A Documentary of India’s Train Kids— check it out and please consider supporting her incredible project!

Around the time I started actually hearing back from designers, I was also talking with my three favorite makeup artists: Celsa Cutillo of Variant Shades Makeup , Erin Driscoll of Killer Instinct and Devan Weitzman of Devanelle Makeup about what wondrous things they could do with the faces of our (as of yet unchosen) models… we brainstormed and brainstormed, and eventually come up with the idea of doing 2 different, distinct looks- one that had super-fine details and one that was very slap-dash, with a finger-paint kind of feel to it.  I created a virtual mood-board on Pinterest, and was able to share it with all participants to give everyone an idea of what we were going for.

Finally, I started casting models… we wanted very different looking girls and it was not an easy choice to make with all the wonderful talents who were interested in being a part of the shoot.  When all was said and done, we decided upon Ramagious, Yana Bushmelov, Emily Grondine, Jennie Gail Ross, and Marie Ivanova, who were all amazing, enthusiastic and put up with a lot of discomfort due to the hot conditions, the bright sunlight and the long day we had!

Our final puzzle piece fell into place when we found our wardrobe stylist… just two days before the shoot!  After our original stylist fell through last minute, wardrobe stylist Erica Templeman, who is owner and designer of Pretty Thoughts Latex, saved the day!  She stepped in and was able to bring the final pieces that we needed to create the vibe we needed for this mish-mash troupe of girls tromping through the desert!

The following images are my favorite shots from the day.  I want to thank everyone who was a part of this monstrous endeavor, because I certainly couldn’t have done it without any of you!

Note: If you would like to see all the credits from each image, click to open it up by itself and credits will be listed in the description.













Emily, Ramagious & Yana

Emily, Ramagious & Yana






















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Nomadic: a menswear editorial

[You didn’t enter a valid video URL. Please try again.]I finally finished editing my “Nomadic” editorial from the shoot I had with Jesse Colton, Celsa Cutillo (Variant Shades Makeup), Nicoletta Marie Lyons, and Brittany Ashforth, back in September.  It was such an amazing day and I’m so proud of all the work we did.  I am so excited to finally be able to share the work with everyone!  I have the editorial embedded as a magazine format, because I think that is the best way to view it.  The images are also viewable individually in my portfolio: Art and Discord Studios, if you don’t have a flash player and can’t see the flip book.

I just want to thank everyone on the team for all the hard work they put in and their patience while I worked on the images… I couldn’t have created this amazing work without everyone’s dedication!

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More from the Group Shoot with SOPHA

Figured it was time to post a few more shots from the group shoot on the Point of View Farm in Deerfield, NH with SOPHA!  These shots were from the one-on-one time I got with Camille and Sera at the end of the shoot.  It was such a spectacularly fun day (although ridiculously hot) and I was lucky to get to shoot in such a fantastic location, allowing me to work using natural light and a reflector (and thanks to Michael Hinckley for holding that reflector for Camille’s shoot!).  I did however, get a spectacular sun burn on one shoulder, since I was too focused on shooting to pay attention to the fact that I hadn’t put on enough sunscreen.

Here are some of the results:

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _009-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _043-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _180

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _228

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _007-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _044-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _104-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _218-Edit-Edit

I definitely loved working with both these ladies!  Thanks to everyone at SOPHA and at Point Of View Farm for making the day so awesome!

Note: The two feather headdresses and the white chest harness/collar were created by me…. they will soon be for sale in my Discord Industries ETSY shop.  The black leather mini skirt worn by Sera was loaned by Anna Fisher, from Madhu Designs.  She is a documentary film maker and created this amazing piece about the orphan children that live in the train stations in India called, Lucky Express, which you should definitely check out and offer your support to!


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