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Modeling 101- a list of resources

I’m going to try for something a bit different today.  I have been working with a lot of young models as I explore the fashion end of the photography world and build my Portraiture business and I have come across a huge variety of models in the three years since I began working with them.  I have worked with total newbies who have never been in front of a camera before, as well as incredibly experienced ladies, and every shade in between.  One of the things that I have noticed the most is that the most successful models aren’t necessarily the prettiest or the tallest or the thinnest, but they are usually the girls who take their modeling seriously and strive to improve their craft continuously.  I think it can be very hard to find great information on becoming a successful model and how to go about increasing your skill level to become highly sought after, whether or not you are represented by an agency.  I thought today I would list some resources that I have found useful in understanding modeling and have given me some insight that I have tried to incorporate into my interactions with models during shoots.

1.Modeling 101 with Joanna House & Matthew Jordan Smith– this is a video download course that you can purchase from creativeLive, a photography and photoshop education resource.  The course is only $99 and worth every penny for the amount of detail that Yoanna goes into concerning the industry, the amount of posing coaching she provides with student models,  and the information she shares with her experiences throughout her career and sooo much more.  I watched a good portion of the workshop while it was streaming live and learned so much about what I can do to help the models I work with achieve their goals, and there was an incredible amount of information that would be useful for any aspiring model to help them achieve success in their field.

2.How to Be a Model Blog– This blog has a TON of information on a number of modeling related topics including fashion industry info, commercial modeling, kids modeling, etc.  Some included articles:

3.New Models– Attached to, this collection of articles are written by folks who have been in the industry for decades, working all over the world.  I would Start with:

4.John Fisher’s Articles on Modeling– a group of articles on Editorial and Commercial Modeling, Contracts and Agencies.

5.Rachel Jay- Thoughts of a Hobbyist Model– She has written a ton of blogs about the industry, about networking on sites like Model Mayhem, contracts, setting rates, professionalism and much more.

6.Modeling 101: A Model’s Diary– A blog written by a model currently working in the industry.  She has written a number of posts on what it takes for both men and women to make it as a model.  Lots of tips and tricks and what to expect in a ton of different scenarios.

7.How to Attract People Worth Working With– a quick article that explains some dos & don’ts for attracting a good team to work with, this one was specifically written in reference to Model Mayhem, but some of the information could be applied to a number of networking sites.

8.Explore Modeling on Youtube- Explore Modeling created a handful of informative videos, including tips on posing for fashion, tips on posing for commercial modeling, what you need in your “model shoe bag”

In conclusion, these are some of the most comprehensive resources I have found over the past few years which have accurate information to aid an aspiring model in furthering her career- I’m sure there is more out there, and I have heard of some books that go over the modeling industry inside and out, although I have not had a chance to read anything like that at this point.  In addition to reading articles such as these, I would say one of the best way to learn the skills of posing is by looking at the types of media that you would like to shoot for (i.e. fashion, catalog, glamour mags or men’s mags, commercial and stock photography etc) and using these as inspiration for your poses and expressions: practice, practice, practice.  Practice posing your body, practice making faces- emotions are hard to mimic accurately and practicing in front of a mirror is the full proof method of making sure that you nail that expression every time.  Have high expectations- of yourself and those that you work with.  Expect professionalism!  Ask questions!  Practice constantly and ask for feedback!

Well, that is my 2 cents for today.  I leave you with one of my personal favorite images that I created with the lovely Celsa (aka Jayne Riot) of Variant Shades Makeup and the always amazing Erin Driscoll (aka Ramagious), who is always on point with her modeling and gives so much of herself every time we’ve had the opportunity to shoot together.

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“Through the Eye of the Dead”

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