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Focusing on Art!

It has been a crazy spring and summer, and I have been both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by all that has been going on.  I have been working on more of the Female Archetype Project which will be soon transforming into the Human Archetype Project as I begin to incorporate male archetypes.  I have been feeling pulled in a million directions while trying to do research for the book writing aspect of the project, focus on my own spiritual journey, pay bills, work with clients and all of the million day-to-day things which come up constantly.  Mind you, I’m not complaining, being busy is a good thing… But it has also caused me to reassess my life, my goals and my focus.

Bearing in mind that I love working with my clients, creating art with and for them, I have decided that I will be severely limiting the commissions I take on going forward.  I will no longer be creating more standard portraiture, but will be only taking on commissions that go along with my painterly style.  I will only be taking 6 more portrait commissions this year and only 12 a year hereafter.  I will still be taking business and actors headshots and taking occasional model development sessions, as they do not take the same amount of creative energy in post-processing and act as a left-brain balance to my personal work.

So, that being said, if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, now is the time to start the process! Email or use the form on the Contact page to get in touch and we can start planning!

And, to wrap up this blog post, here’s some eye-candy… One of my recent additions to the Archetype Project: “Great Mother, Babalon” with beautiful Aepril Schaile.  I have two more images I am working on for this trilogy and I can’t wait to be able to share them all soon!





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Happy International Women’s Day!

      Today is International Women’s Day, which intends to bring awareness to the oppression and inequality of women globally.  Personally, I think it is insane that in a world which is so advanced in so many ways, that antiquated belief systems which support the idea that any human being is lesser than any other still exist.

      As women especially,  it is important that we support each other, and help lift each other up.  It is always my greatest joy to create images which show the immense variety of beauty that exists in the universe, and some of my favorite sessions are portraits that reveals both inner and outer beauty for a woman to see in herself.  Celebrate and share yourself, your inner and outer beauty, for all the world to see.

You are amazing and you deserve for everyone to see it.


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A Tintype Adventure

At the beginning of August I had the pleasure of taking a workshop at George Eastman House with Mark Osterman, who studies and teaches vintage photographic techniques. My husband and I went to Rochester, NY for 2 days to take the workshop with 8 other participants and learned a bit about the process of Wet Plate Collodion photography, and were given instruction on how to prepare a plate to photograph with as well as how to develop and fix the image. It was such an amazing and inspiring experience and as I now am gathering the materials to add this process to my repertoire, I plan to add the option to have a tintype portrait created during portrait sessions and also as a separate service before the end of December. I am excited to start on the process and can’t wait to share the Fine Art pieces I’m already planning in my head.

Here are a few examples of the images that we created during the workshop!








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Miss Aniela’s Fashion Shoot Experience on the Framed Show

It has finally been released!!  I am so excited to announce that the Framed Show episode that I was a guest photographer at this past April has finally aired!!  It was such an amazing experience and The Framed Network did such a lovely job bringing it to life in their Framed Show episode.  And now I can finally release all of my images, which have been burning a hole in my hard drive since I finished editing them five months ago.  I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of the show and share the experience with so many other wonderful and creative photographers and especially to have had the chance to work with the incredibly inspiring Miss Aniela!


Here are some of my favorite images from the workshop…







And what an amazing team of people to work with!!  Here are the credits for everyone who was a part of making these beautiful images!

Model: Annabelle Lyttle (lavender dress)

Dress: Daniel Feld

Hat: Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier

Earring, bracelet, ring: Clara Kasavina

Shoes: Stylist’s own

Hair: Numi Empire

Makeup: Nadine Vendryes

Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega

Model: Ploymanee S. (white dress)

Dress: Leonid Gurevich

Leather harness and mask: Jade Chiu

Rings: Clara Kasavina

Shoes: Uta Bekaia

Hair: Numi Empire

Makeup: Nadine Vendryes

Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega

Model: Maleen Rike Johannsen (red dress)

Dress: Alex Teih

Hat: Raquel Livia

Earring, bracelet, necklace: Clara Kasavina

Shoes: Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi

Hair: Kisha Marie

Makeup: Chifumi Nambashi

Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Stylist’s assistants: Marina Gurevich, Michelle Ortega

Hosting photographer:  Natalie Dybisz/Miss Aniela

Event Director:  Matt Lennard


Project Manager:  Catherine Jolley


Catherine Jolley

Brent McCombs

Dirk Bergner

Ian Gavan


and of course thanks to Melissa Niu and the Framed Network for such a fantastic opportunity!!


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The MFA Boston and Inspiration

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with my husband, Jae.  We’ve been meaning to hit the museum to see Michelangelo’s drawings, but kept forgetting to work it into our schedule.  Luckily last week we realized that we had absolutely no plans for this weekend, other than to get caught up on some house work and business planning.  So we checked the MFA website to see what exhibits were going on and realized that Sunday was going to be the last day of the Michelangelo exhibit, so we knew we were going to be there to check it out when the doors opened at 10am!

The exhibit was in a tiny gallery, and with only two dozen or so drawings… it was fascinating to contemplate the rarity of paper in that time period, as many of the sheets displayed served many purposes, with sketches from a number of projects on one scrap, sketches over other sketches of his students work, and a “large” drawing only being around 11×14… which is about the size I vaguely remember working on for my art classes in high school, but in his time it was a piece of paper that had to be joined from multiple other pieces.  The color of the red chalk was intriguing, as we are so used to sketches being done with graphite, and the age of the paper…  the fact that it lasted so many hundreds of years and was still legible was mildly mind blowing, especially because these were essentially scraps of paper containing many ideas that never came to fruition or were simple studies for other works of art.

When we were done viewing the Michelangelo exhibit we decided we’d check out the Samurai exhibition downstairs… and I did not expect to be as blown away and inspired by it as I was.  I have been mildly fascinated with ancient Japanese culture since college, but my interest has always related to their tattooing tradition.  I’ve never really taken the time to appreciate the other arts found in Japanese culture.   I was so inspired by the intricacy of the details on the helmets, the beautiful patterns found in the armour, and the overall aesthetic of a fully dressed samurai warrior.  I found myself taking photograph after photograph of the details, the whole piece, the shadows displaying the intricate patterns in the arrows or the chain-mail.  It gave me so many ideas for props and set design, for lighting techniques and stories I can tell in my conceptual work.  It was an unexpectedly fantastic experience and I can’t wait to start using my inspiration to create more beautiful pieces, both in my photography and in my accessory designs.


I definitely recommend that anyone who gets a chance to visit the MFA this summer should definitely check it out.  Here are just a few of the images I captured while I was there!






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