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Self Portrait

I am a mostly self-taught fine art photographer specializing in conceptual portraiture and more recently, still life photography.

I’m currently working on a conceptual fine art series, entitled “The Archetype Project” which explores connections between mythological and folkloric characters from cultures and tales from times and places throughout the history of the earth.  I have always been intrigued by the similarities in stories from cultures separated by oceans and other continents, and constantly seek to find the threads that link these cultures together through these archetypes.  I am also interested in how these mythologies relate to contemporary culture and the modern era.

Stylistically, my work is inspired by classical Renaissance and Golden Age Dutch painting styles, especially the rich color, texture and deep contrast that can be found in these works. To achieve a look in line with this type of imagery, I typically design and build the sets, and create much of the wardrobe and props that I use for each of these symbolically charged images.  Weeks to months of research and design work goes into creating each image, even before the image is captured and retouched.
Currently I live in Salem, MA, the “Witch City” with my painter/tattoo artist husband Jaesun.

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