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Beauty with Isabella Capri and Lyndsay Simon

This past week I was able to get together with two talented ladies that I had never worked with before.  For this Test shoot, we decided that some straight up beauty head-shots would be most beneficial for everyone’s portfolio and with a rough idea of at least starting the day with a look that was somewhat ethereal, we dug in and got started!  Isabella is a young, up and coming model who has absolutely gorgeous skin and beautiful features!  Lyndsay, from Makeup by Lyndsay, was brilliant with her makeup application, fantastic with collaborating on new ideas and is such a fun, positive girl to be around!  We had a blast all afternoon and was able to get 3 complete looks done, and truthfully, it was hard for me to choose what shots I wanted to edit because there were so many great images!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!
















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Portraits with Rachel Dashae

I had the opportunity to work with Rachel a few years ago during the annual SOPHA Location Lighting Course, and she was such a brilliant and sweet model to work with.  This year when I saw that she was traveling to the New England area, I knew I was going to have to find a way to work with her again.

After getting in touch and finding out that she had some availability left in her schedule, we were able to confirm a date, and I had to start brainstorming what the heck I was going to shoot with this lovely girl!  I started off with the idea that I would try to include her in the “Sainted” series that I started last year with Ramagious, but as the day got closer and the weather looked like it was going to be gloomy (which was not really what I would need to match the brilliance of the light from the first “Sainted” shots), I had to come up with a Plan B.

Plan B ended up being a crazy headpiece built from some curly reeds I had picked up a year or so ago which had been sitting around my crafting room gathering dust, raffia I picked up at the craft store, bronze antiquing wax, potpourri balls, spanish moss and tiny LED lights on a wire.  After I built the headpiece (which took about 5 hours total over 2 days), It was time to put together an appropriate set.  I had decided we were going with more of an “earth mother” scene, so I took a random beige textured sheer drape (picked up a while back in the clearance section at Target) and a couple strips of Burlap (from a roll I discovered in my crafting room– no idea where it came from) draped them over my evergreen v-flats and created a very earthy looking backdrop.  I dragged my vintage steam trunk over, draped it with a fluffy blanket and some pillows and covered it with a faux fur throw and had a nice little seat for Rachel to pose on.  Finally I draped some black felt on the floor to cover up the light colored wood floor, and threw some raffia, spanish moss reed balls and faux flowers around so it had some texture and interesting details that I could pull out if I wanted.

Theresa Wall Duggan- Earth Mother Headpiece

The Headpiece I created for the Shoot.a very terrible iPhone photo of the set.

2013-06-11 19.40.09

A very terrible iPhone photo I took of the set!

Rachel and I shot for 2 hours and other than a brief stint out in the rain to try out one of my original ideas (as seen in the last image), we spent most of the time shooting on this set and created so many beautiful images.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Theresa Wall Duggan- Firefly Queen

Firefly Queen






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Model Portfolio: Evan

Evan is a new model who used to be one of my employees at Hot Topic– he was always interested in getting into modeling but wasn’t quite sure where to start.  We had a couple of mini-shoots at work, to show off some new merch on the store’s facebook page, but we never really got a chance to get together and do a full-on shoot with good lighting and a few wardrobe changes. A few weeks ago I set up a model portfolio building event and asked him to come so we could finally get him some great shots to start his modeling portfolio.  Evan has really unique features and some incredible hair (or incredibly unruly, depending on the day) and he has such a great personality! I hope that this will be the beginning of a prolific modeling career for him!  Here is a selection of shots from our shoot that day!  Enjoy!

Evan Headshot- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Denim Vest- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Denim Vest- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan


Evan in a Suit- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Suit- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

Evan in a Tank- Photo by Theresa Wall Duggan

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