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Happy Halloween! Revisiting a Corpse Bride shoot from last year.

Posting a bit late this week, due to Hurricane Sandy… we were lucky to not lose our power during the storm, but didn’t have internet for two days… all in all, not so bad, compared to all the devastation that happened up the coast.  My thoughts are with friends and family who are dealing with the aftermath of the storm, who were much more effected than we were up here.

I figured for today’s post I’d revisit a shoot I did in 2011, when I just started working with the lovely ladies Erin Driscoll (aka Ramagious) and Celsa Cutillo (aka Jayne Riot, of Variant Shades Makeup).  We came up with a Corpse Bride concept for a shoot, and after some weeks of planning, we got together and created some really fun, creepy images.  I am pretty sure that the best part of the afternoon was loading the 3 of us, plus Erin’s gigantic skirts (provided by Sisters of the Moon Designs) into my tiny little Yaris– we got quite a few looks from the locals as we were driving through town, with Erin’s crazy wig, white face paint, and white contacts,  which was almost as entertaining as the looks we got from the folks that were at the pond we shot at, curious about what three strange girls were doing in the woods. We also shot in studio, so the images have a different feel, despite the identical look of the model.

Here are a few of the studio shots:



and from the pond:



One of my favorite parts of the day, however, was the shoot we did when we got back from the pond- inspired by a conversation we had on the drive home… we were talking about shooting some concepts involving a skull at some point in the future- and when we got back to my apartment, Erin saw the donkey skull we have hanging on the wall, grabbed it and we did a quick little mini-shoot before everyone had to go home.  To date, the images we created are some of my favorite in my portfolio.  I learned that day, that you never know where your inspiration will come from, and you should try to work with whatever ideas come to you, because you never know what will work and what beauty you can create with just a few minutes and a crazy idea.


Here is my favorite shot… definitely the direction I want my fine art work to go in, and hopefully I will have the chance to create more like it in the near future!

Through the Eye of the Dead

Through the Eye of the Dead

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Jesse: Playing with Light

I just got back from viewing the Mario Testino exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with Celsa from Variant Shades and my husband, and it was so amazing to see such a prolific and extraordinary photographer’s work on such a huge scale, in person.  It reminded me why I love fashion and portrait photography so much and also that I can do so much more than I’m currently doing.  We also wandered around and checked out the great masters of the Renaissance, the Dutch & Flemish painters of the 18th & 19th centuries and the great painters of the Americas from the early 20th century.  It was a wonderfully inspiring afternoon in the company of such lovely people and it really stoked the fires of my creative drive, and hopefully I’ll be able to use some of that energy towards new work in the near future.

In the meantime, I’ve been editing like a mad-woman, working through the editorial I shot with Jesse, Celsa from Variant Shades & Nicoletta last month and I have a few images that won’t fit in the editorial aesthetically, but they are pretty spectacular images on their own, so I figured I’d share them now.


Here are two from inside the building, with the light coming in through the windows:


20120925Jesse_Draped _122edit2_web

And two outside, against the wall, where we found the most amazing patch of light.  Jesse was a great sport because I kept making him look right into it!

20120925Jesse_Draped1 _578-Edit-Edit_web

20120925Jesse_Draped1 _581-Edit-Edit_web


Thanks for viewing!

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Birthday Adventures to the Quabbin Reservoir

Yesterday was the probably one of most amazing days I’ve had in a while!  My husband and I were able to spend the entire day together, revisiting a number of places that we haven’t had a chance to go in many years.  We started off our adventure driving back roads to Worcester, to drive by our old apartment and around the neighborhoods we used to wander around back when we first met.  We continued on our journey through the woods up Rt 122, enjoying the beautiful foliage and wonderfully warm afternoon.  Our main goal of the day was to drive around the Quabbin Reservoir, which I don’t think we’ve been to in about a decade!  It is a gorgeous place to visit and the leaves are turning beautiful shades at this point in the year!  We spent most of the afternoon there, driving around to the various viewing areas and taking photos– its been a few years since I’ve been interested in landscape photography and it was a fantastic place to find inspiration.  Finally, we ended our day in Northampton, grabbing dinner at the amazing Northampton Brewery, hunted for books at the Raven Used Books Store (Jae found a nice pile of old occult books), and finally wandering around Faces, a fun store that has cool clothes and nifty kitchy things.  All in all, a most fantastic way to spend my 35th birthday.

Here are a few of the landscapes that came out of our journey

The view from Hanks Meadow:
20121014QuabbinReservoir _032_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _038_39_40_fused_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _047_8_9_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _077_8_9_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _103_web


The view from Windsor Dam:

20121014QuabbinReservoir _293_4_5_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _255_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _247_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _234_web


A few other shots from the day:

20121014QuabbinReservoir _126_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _141_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _151_web

20121014QuabbinReservoir _164_web

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Always and Forever: You’re Awesome Party!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with my husband at his tattoo studio Always and Forever Tattoo, supporting a new local business, Booze Époque, which is owned by a fantastic pair of ladies (Harmony and Meaghan) who make alchemical magic with alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages.   Holly Azzara, my husband Jae’s (Tattoos by Jaesun) partner-in-crime, and he were able to invite a couple of clients each to partake of spectacular beverages and delectable food made by Holly’s client, Laura (aka Laura Mom).  I documented a bit of the afternoon and because it was such a special day spent with such fantastic folks, I figured I’d share the photos from the day.

Some of the Delicious Foods, made by Laura Mom:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _015

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _021

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _022

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _024

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _026


Jae makes some funny faces:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _029

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _016


Rum Punch:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _032


The Booze Epoque Menu:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _034


The Lovely Ladies of Booze Epoque, Harmony and Meaghan, at work:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _037

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _038

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _041

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _042


Delicious Rum Punch:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _039


Jae flips the bird:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _043


Holly got her own pizza: Feta and Pesto

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _048


Jae and Harmony drink Rum Punch

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _051


The Making of a Strawberry Basil Gimlet:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _052

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _056

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _060


Rebecca brought this beautiful flower arrangement… this is why she is awesome!

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _064


She is also awesome because she made Holly laugh:

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _069


Jess displays two Margarita options… she also has balloons growing out of her head.

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _079


Jae has 3 drinks in front of him that you can’t see.. he is making sure the Margarita is as delicious as it looks!

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _080


Laura Mom &  John are way more interested in the phone… oh, yeah, the Patriots were playing 😉

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _082


Kendall and Mason arrive!

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _083


Laura Mom & Holly find something to be very amusing… it’s probably the Brony shirt that Holly got Jae

20121007AF_AwesomeParty _087


All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day, filled with deliciousness and ridiculousness!

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Nomadic … sneak peak of my first menswear editorial

I’ve been dying to shoot menswear for a while now, and finally had the opportunity to, thanks to my friend & creative partner-in-crime, Celsa (aka Jayne Riot) of Variant Shades Makeup who connected me with a model she knew, Jesse.  Jesse was down to shoot something for an editorial and I had so many ideas it was hard to even know where to start!  I finally decided on the draped, layered style that I am currently obsessed with… a bit of a nomadic, post-apocalyptic style (which, I’m sure to anyone who knows me, is no surprise).  I got in touch with wardrobe stylist, Nicoletta Lyons, about working with us on the editorial idea, and she was game too, so we set a date.  The final piece of the puzzle fell into place with the location– an abandoned tool factory my friend Brittany lived near north of Boston.

We met in the late morning last Tuesday, and the day couldn’t have gone any better- we shot until after five and realistically could have kept going, we were having so much fun!  We ended up shooting four looks, inside and outside the factory, which was a treasure-trove of amazing backgrounds, textures and colors!  Brittany was such a warm hostess and played the part of guide for us, Nicoletta brought an amazing wardrobe selection, Celsa’s makeup was subtle and perfect and Jesse was absolutely amazing in front of the lens.  We created some absolutely fantastic images, and I think I even surprised myself with the awesomeness of the outcome!  Editing started yesterday, and I feel compelled to share an image that stands alone.  The editorial will come, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, but here is a sneak peak of our first look!

Thanks to everyone who was a part of it– the entire experience really confirmed for me why I love what I do.


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