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The Lovely Miss Lady Jinx

Here are a few of the shots I got from my last shoot with the lovely Jinx, right before she moved to Nashville… Makeup and Hair by Jayne Riot.  I was sad that she left, but I’m excited to go road-trippin’ to visit her and hang and shoot down in Tennessee at some point in 2013!

20120719Jinx_Jayne _062-Edit-Edit

20120719Jinx_Jayne _086-Edit-Edit-Edit

20120719Jinx_Jayne _169-Edit-Edit

20120719Jinx_Jayne _275-Edit-Edit

This was much different than what we usually shoot (which tends to be a bit more industrial, post-apocalyptic and grimey)- it was so much fun to shoot something so much softer!

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I really need to shoot fashion with more guys.  Evan is one of my associates at work, and we decided to go up on the roof of the garage to shoot some images of new merch we just got in for fall… we are getting some really awesome fashion and wanted to show it off on the store’s facebook page.  Here are some of my favorites– not  bad for a quick shoot with just my D80- I’m really enjoying working with just natural light this summer.   I also had my Holga and Argus 75 film cameras with me– I’ll be getting the film developed this week and hopefully sharing more shots soon!

20120819Evan_HT _021-Edit

20120819Evan_HT _035-Edit

20120819Evan_HT _066-Edit-Edit-2-Edit

20120819Evan_HT _073-Edit-Edit


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The Scorpion and the Fox- an editorial tale of trust and betrayal

The following is an editorial I put together for a submission in March… it didn’t make it into the magazine I was aiming for, and I have yet to find another magazine that it would fit… so I figured I’d share it now!  The concept is based on an old Fable that I have seen in many different versions… the animals I based the concept on was the Fox and the Scorpion, but the tale is also commonly known as The Scorpion and the Frog.  I spent a month creating the two wardrobe pieces; one was a russet feather collar for the “fox” and the other was a pleather and wire mesh headpiece in the form of a scorpion’s tail, which was definitely a trick to design and execute something that got the point across, but wasn’t completely cheesy and ridiculous looking.   Makeup artist, Celsa (formerly known as Jayne Riot) brainstormed some amazing ideas with the makeup, to keep it more conceptual and less caricature-ish, and we found two amazing models to pull of the looks: Erin Driscoll (aka Ramagious) and Alexandria Serafini.  They both nailed it, with the feel of each animal, the concept of the fable and their posing/interacting with each other…  here are some of the final images:








What an amazing day we had!  Can’t wait to work with these ladies again!

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More from the Group Shoot with SOPHA

Figured it was time to post a few more shots from the group shoot on the Point of View Farm in Deerfield, NH with SOPHA!  These shots were from the one-on-one time I got with Camille and Sera at the end of the shoot.  It was such a spectacularly fun day (although ridiculously hot) and I was lucky to get to shoot in such a fantastic location, allowing me to work using natural light and a reflector (and thanks to Michael Hinckley for holding that reflector for Camille’s shoot!).  I did however, get a spectacular sun burn on one shoulder, since I was too focused on shooting to pay attention to the fact that I hadn’t put on enough sunscreen.

Here are some of the results:

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _009-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _043-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _180

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Camille-Sera _228

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _007-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _044-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _104-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot-Sera _218-Edit-Edit

I definitely loved working with both these ladies!  Thanks to everyone at SOPHA and at Point Of View Farm for making the day so awesome!

Note: The two feather headdresses and the white chest harness/collar were created by me…. they will soon be for sale in my Discord Industries ETSY shop.  The black leather mini skirt worn by Sera was loaned by Anna Fisher, from Madhu Designs.  She is a documentary film maker and created this amazing piece about the orphan children that live in the train stations in India called, Lucky Express, which you should definitely check out and offer your support to!


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