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“Warriors” editorial shoot

This past Wednesday was the culmination of about 6 months worth of brainstorming, creating and planning for a big fashion editorial with the theme of “Warriors.”  As per usual, I am extremely inspired by ideas of post-apocalyptic life and the ability that human beings have to overcome adversity and survive even the worst disasters.  The concept behind this shoot was relatively simple: a group of young girls traipsing across a desert, trying to survive after an apocalyptic event.  Each girl is a different personality (simple versions are: shaman, princess, warrior, gypsy), but all are relying on each other to survive in difficult circumstances.

While I was watching the movie The Centurion this past winter, I was struck by the strength of one of the female characters, and she became the initial visual inspiration for the look I started building a fleshier idea off of.  In the end, I decided that the visual concept was a going to be a bit Mad Max, a bit “Resident Evil: Extinction,” and a little bit Peter Pan’s Lost Boys.  With this idea in mind, I started contacting designers on Etsy, asking them about renting or loaning out items for the shoot, and I had two spectacularly kind women actually respond with enthusiasm about the shoot.

The owner of Savage Salvage loaned me three absolutely perfect pieces of her jewelry.  She creates amazing pieces from recycled, repurposed pieces she has scavenged from many different sources… she has a lovely bohemian, tribal aesthetic and I would definitely recommend you check out her etsy shop to see her brilliant, eco-friendly and affordable designs.  She provided us with a porcupine quill bib necklace with  matching earrings as well as a beautiful brass slave bracelet.

The other designer who responded was Anna, from Madhu Designs.  She sells lovely leather and crochet pieces as well as some handmade tops from India.  When I contacted her, it was because the aesthetic of a number of her designs was EXACTLY what I was thinking we needed for shoot wardrobe… once I started talking to her, however, I realized how much more amazing she was than just a creator of beautiful clothing.  She is actually a documentary film maker who spent a number of years in India, traveling around, creating a film about the orphaned children of India who live in the train stations.  She sells these clothing pieces to support a man she met in India named Lucky who is a former street kid who currently is devoted to becoming a film-maker himself so he can share the story of the street kids who live on the train platforms all across India and Nepal.  It is such an amazing story and Anna is so devoted to sharing with the world the plight of these children, that I was even more excited to have her work as a fundamental part of the shoot.  The website for the documentary is: LUCKY EXPRESS: A Documentary of India’s Train Kids— check it out and please consider supporting her incredible project!

Around the time I started actually hearing back from designers, I was also talking with my three favorite makeup artists: Jayne Riot, Erin Driscoll of Killer Instinct and Devan Weitzman of Devanelle Makeup about what wondrous things they could do with the faces of our (as of yet unchosen) models… we brainstormed and brainstormed, and eventually come up with the idea of doing 2 different, distinct looks- one that had super-fine details and one that was very slap-dash, with a finger-paint kind of feel to it.  I created a virtual mood-board on Pinterest, and was able to share it with all participants to give everyone an idea of what we were going for.

On top of this, I started designing/creating  feather mohawks which would be worn by the models, that would play a part in describing their character.  Originally, I had planned to create 10 of these, each with a very distinct, very separate character to inspire the models, the wardrobe and the makeup… in hindsight, this was a bit over-zealous on my part.  In the end, I created five of the feather head-pieces, and we used 3 of them.  Here are the one’s I created and actually used in the shoot:





and here are a few behind-the scenes pics from the day:

Erin doing makeup on Emily, Yana in the background in my kitchen while we’re getting prepped for the shoot before going on location.

Yana getting into wardrobe… Erica mostly hidden behind her lacing up a leg-accessory.  This is my front room, the disaster area where we sorted wardrobe and planned outfits for each model.



Erin doing Yana’s second look, Jennie & Marie snacking while we wait for the 2nd look group shoot.



I feel very lucky to have been able to work on this project with such an amazing group of ladies, and despite a few bumps in the road, we created some amazing images, had a fantastically memorable day and hopefully all of our effort will lead to the publishing of at least some of the images in a magazine or two!  I am so proud of what we accomplished and I really can’t wait to share the images once all my submissions are taken care of and we determine where the images are going to end up!  I can’t wait to work with these ladies again, and I certainly couldn’t have done this without them!

The Final Cast of Characters:


Marie Ivanova

Yana Aviva

Jennie Gail Ross

Emily Grondine



Jayne Riot

Devanelle Makeup

Killer Instinct

Wardrobe Stylist:

Erica Templeman, Designer & Owner, Pretty Thoughts Latex

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Marathon day of shooting with Jayne Riot

This past month my go-to MUAH and I decided we were going to focus primarily on shooting creative beauty with models we hadn’t worked with before… we had 2 days this month to shoot, and we tried to get as many shoots in as we could fit in the amount of time we had to work.  This past wednesday was the last of these shoots, and we got a chance to work with 2 new models as well as one of our favorites, Jinx, who is going to moving out of state in August.

Here are the first couple of edits from those shoots:

20120719Abby_Jayne _013-Edit-Edit

Model: Abby Lee

We really love to cover models in wacky substances, and Abby was a trooper as Jayne covered her hair in gel and gold leaf for this look.  There are now pieces of gold leaf embedded in my kitchen table and bathroom floor!


20120719Brit_Jayne _033-Edit-Edit

Model: Brit D

We really wanted to do something striking but simple for this look.  Jayne went with this bold eye and kept the rest fairly neutral to keep the focus on Brit’s expression.


and finally, one of my favorites from the day… the softer side of Jinx:

20120719Jinx_Jayne _062-Edit-Edit

A couple of weeks ago Jayne, Jinx and I went out for a lunch and thrifting date, and Jinx found this lovely dress at Savers… later that evening Jayne messaged me that she wanted to do a beautiful, soft makeup look on Jinx to go with the dress, so, having one more open spot in our schedule, we decided to see if Jinx would join us for one last shoot before she moved to TN.  We were thrilled that we would get to shoot with her again, and that we were going to do something way outside all of our usual work together.  The rest of the images from the shoot were taken by a little river about 10 minutes from my house and they are very ethereal and have a wonderful fantasy element, which will give me the opportunity to play a bit and create some art pieces.  I can’t wait to edit the rest and share!


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Beautiful Apocalypse: Fashion Editorial with Emily G & Beresta clothing.

These images are from last year… one of the first editorials I attempted…  It didn’t get accepted into any of the magazines I submitted it too, so I’m finally going to post it and share with the world. The model is the lovely Emily Grondine.  Wardrobe styled by Kate Alves, designer of Beresta Clothing, which is 80% of the wardrobe.  Hair and Makeup by Jayne Riot.


Excited to be able to work with Emily again soon for an upcoming editorial… next week I’ll be posting about the prep work that has gone into the epic editorial that Jayne and I have been planning for the past few months… 5 models, 3 muahs, a wardrobe stylist, a handful of designers and a couple of assistants will make one hell of a day and a load of killer images!!

Beresta_Emily-1 Beresta_Emily-2 Beresta_Emily-3 Beresta_Emily-5 Beresta_Emily-6

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Conceptual Beauty with Jayne Riot

Jayne Riot is my go-to makeup artist… she comes up with new ideas constantly; its not uncommon for me to get an email or text from her at midnight with a new idea that we *really* need to try out!  This is one of the things I love about working with her– she’s always looking to top the last concept, to improve on what we’ve done before.  She and I decided that we were going to spend the month of July only shooting beauty concepts.. no fashion/wardrobe to worry about, no chaos- just makeup, lights, a model we hadn’t worked with before and my camera… keeping it simple so we can really focus on the details!

We set up a couple shoots for this past Tuesday in my home studio and started planning the ideas for the models we had booked.  Late monday night  I get an email: one of the models can’t make it!!  I am now freaking out… how are we going to get a model for noon the next day when its almost 11pm!?!  I desperately post on my Facebook page and in a local model/photographer group, looking for anyone who might be available last minute… Almost immediately I get a response from Sierra Colleen– we iron out the details, she’ll be there at noon… I text Jayne because we have to change the concept for the shoot– the original idea will totally not work with this flaming-red haired lady!  Jayne has been storing another brilliant idea in her head that she came up after the shoot we did with Amy last month… this girl will be perfect!

Sierra arrives right on time… she has amazingly unique features, a high-energy, super-positive vibe, and now we know this is officially going to be a killer day!  Jayne gets her hair and makeup done and I finally get to start shooting!  This is the part that I always get nervous about when working with a new model because I have no idea what their experience is like and what they are capable of yet- and luckily there was no reason to worry: Sierra just blows me away– with very little direction she is doing exactly what I need her to, plus some! So, without further ado, here is the result of our shoot:




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Group Shoot at the Point of View Farm with SOPHA

Every summer The Studio of Photographic Arts creates an amazing event that takes place at the absolutely beautiful Point of View Farm in Deerfield, NH.  For the last 2 years it has been a location lighting class… this year they switched it up and put together an EPIC group shoot instead!

I think that one of the things I loved most about it this year was how many photographers participated… 35 total, with 12 models and a dozen or so SOPHA Staff members– it was a pretty crazy day.  It was amazing to meet so many new folks and reconnect with some photographers and models I haven’t seen in a bit.

Inspiration abounded, not only because the setting was beautiful but also because of the number of creative minds in one place!  I love watching how other people work, and events like this help me to think outside the box. The SOPHA staff set the lighting scenarios, the models pick their wardrobe and it’s up to the photographers to distinguish their work from one another– I really love to see how someone else shot the exact same setup, to see what I could have done differently, or to see afterwards what I missed at the time.

Here are my first few images from the shoot:

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _010-Edit-Edit

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _018-Edit-Edit


20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _051-Edit-Edit


20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _064-Edit-Edit


20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _094-Edit

Seamus and Adrienne

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _117-Edit-Edit


20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _151-Edit-Edit

Jess Akara

20120630SOPHA_FarmShoot _168-Edit-Edit

Sidra Soleil

Stay tuned for more shots from the group shoot as well as the two shoots I had afterwards with Sera & Camille!

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