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Portrait shoot with Christina.

A couple of weeks ago I had my friend Christina down to do a portrait sitting. She has a very gothic, pin-up aesthetic and we had a lot of fun shooting some dramatic imagery! Just wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the shots we got. Makeup and Hair by Jayne Riot.
20120613ChristinaK _015-Edit-Edit-2

How very statuesque.

20120613ChristinaK _047-Edit-Edit

Christina has the best mischievous smile.

20120613ChristinaK _223-Edit-Edit

From the film noir inspired set.

 Can’t wait to finish editing these!

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Behind the Scenes at the Carousel Museum

This past week I worked on a behind the scenes video from the conceptual shoot I did at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Connecticut.  The photos from the shoot came out amazing and the lighting was perfect for our dramatic concept!  The video shows a bit of what it took to get Sera’s makeup all done and shows a brief view of the location.


Carousel Museum Shoot- Behind the Scenes from Theresa Wall Duggan on Vimeo.


Model: Sera Sloan

MUA: Devan Weitzman: Devanelle Makeup


Final Images:

20120610Carousel-Museum_Sera-Devan _057-Edit-Edit

20120610Carousel-Museum_Sera-Devan _136-Edit-Edit-Edit

20120610Carousel-Museum_Sera-Devan _177-Edit

20120610Carousel-Museum_Sera-Devan _232-Edit-Edit

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Carousel Museum Shoot

Just a quick post before bed.. its been a long day (up at 6am to get to Connecticut for 9ish) and I’m about ready to crash.  I had a fantastic, although chaotic day with a bunch of amazing folks at a shoot that was organized by Lauren Farrington and Victoria Mosey at the Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT.  There were about a half-dozen photographers, 7 or 8 models, and a handful of incredible hair & makeup artists.

Here are the first two edits I’ve had a chance to complete.. both are pretty much straight out of camera, which is pretty fantastic because I was playing with new lighting toys and I wasn’t positive that they would do what I needed them to, but alas they certainly did the trick!!

20120610Carousel-Museum_Sera-Devan _052-Edit-Edit

20120610Carousel-Museum_Sera-Devan _076-Edit-Edit

Can’t wait to edit the video footage I got behind the scenes and the rest of the images I shot today!!

More to come soon!

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Greetings! My first blog post… with Emily Therese

Here it goes.. my first blog post.  Just a quick one to get the ball rolling… here are some images I shot of the lovely Emily Therese modeling some lovely vintage inspired wardrobe sourced by the amazing Erica Templeman.  A last minute addition to the team was Aviva Leah doing makeup, who was a trooper keeping on top of the makeup changes between looks.







I love working with a team of ladies who are on their game… this was a fun shoot with a simple vintage concept that was easy to execute with the amazing team I had the benefit of being able to work with!

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